Functions and tasks

- The company purchased raw material such as: re-use paper, paper rolls, paper plates and other auxiliary materials to produce through many stages of forming Carton packaging.

- The company specializes in production packaging Carton layers 3-5-7 type, Flexo, Offset on packaging; providing paper plates, paper rolls, 2 waterproof kraft paper should be able to sign contracts in partnership with all other companies or individuals wishing to use our company's products as specified in the contract.


- Business activities: Expand production; continuously improve productivity, quality, production efficiency; focused on technology and techniques to expand the scale of production. Market research and always timely to meet the increasing demand of the market.

- Social relations: expanding relationships with partners, strengthen cooperation, contributing to the organization and improving the production of society.

- Obligation to state: On the basis of efficient production, we always fulfill obligations to the state, with local authorities through the full payment of taxes in accordance.

- Life of workers: recruitment and hire workers according to the demand business expanding; strictly Labor Code, organize the material as well as the social life being of the employees. In addition, encourage creative ideas and personal development, promote close relationship between the members to help and motivate them to learn from each other and promote the spirit of teamwork, so improve efficiency in production and to create the best working environment for employees.

- Environmental protection, order and security: maintaining order and safety in the work environment, environmental hygiene; fulfill national obligation, abide by the laws.


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